Alex Peshkov Palach knife bead BRASS GREEN



Yes, You Read That Right. Alex peshko is also our partner. Alex peshko is a very good partner. Its product details are very good, and its special metal technology is also commendable. All limited edition beads are worthy of collection. You can buy his related products here. All his products are in stock. We can send them to you soon within 24 hours,


Yes, Alexander Peshkov we are brothers! We are creative people and we like to do beautiful things.Artem is an artist and sculptor. The authorship of each thing has a part of his soul. Alexander is a man with golden hands. Quality of our production is the result of his skill.Everything we make is an emotion, concept and style. Part of our life and philosophy.

We like to create new things, work on beautiful and high-quality items.
Everything we do is a continuation of our philosophy, creativity and original ideas. We listen much to the opinions and wishes of our fans. Everything you see on our site is a product of shared creativity – Your desires and Our imagination.

Modern and the experience of thousands years.

In our work we use latest technologies, high-precision tools, and the latest engineering technologies. It’s allows us to achieve high quality and to and create things at the limit of the capabilities.
The metal has character. To make metal live we use techniques that are thousands years old. Recipes for patina and metal processing that were used by ancient masters. This brings extra focus on the mood and allows us to forward it to you.


Everything has an emotion to feel. Understand the character. And create a unique style.






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