DYQ JEWELRY 925 Silver HandWork Snake Ring Rattlesnake ring


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This exquisite ring is sculpted in sterling silver, made by hand with 3D modeling, 3D wax spraying and wax loss casting technology. The scales of the product are lifelike, very lifelike and exquisite. with a subtle oxidized finish to reveal the depth and detail of our original design. The inside surface, against the finger,a comfortable fit. Ophion is the snake, in Greek mythology, who incubated the primordial egg from which sprang all creation. In many traditions and cultures, the snake is a symbol of steady power, and we pay homage to this shared heritage around the world with this striking piece. Alone or stacked with other rings, powerful in presentation and intention.Perfect for everyday, party and other occasions.It is the ultimate product to help you reflect your personality.

The ring is fixed and cannot be adjusted. If it must be adjusted, it may cause deformation. We are irresponsible. Please know.

Weight:11.5G(Inner diameter 18mm,about Weight:11.5G,different sizes, different weights)



57MM(US 8), 58MM(US 8¼), 59MM(US 8¾), 60MM(US 9), 61MM(US 9½), 62MM(US 10), 63MM(US 10¼), 64MM(US 10¾), 65MM(US 11), 66MM(US 11½), 67MM(US 11¾), 68MM(US 12¼), 69MM(US 12½), 70MM(US 13), 71MM(US 13¼), 72MM(US 13¾)



Snake Ring




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