DYQ JEWELRY Damascus steel kitchen knife set Ingenuity series 7 PCs



DYQ JEWELRY Damascus steel kitchen knife,67 layers of stainless steel Damascus steel, 9cr18mov steel core,Can provide lasting sharpness,The whole material is subjected to vacuum heat treatment, Wear resistance and excellent performance,and the hardness can reach 60HRC ±2 ,The handle is made of aluminum wire and resin to form a unique honeycomb pattern, which is exquisite.They were packed in a black gift box.


1、8.5-inch kitchen knife (Thickness:2.2MM,Weight:249G,Full length: 35CM,blade length:21CM, handle length:14CM)

2、8-inch kitchen knife(Thickness:2.1MM,Weight:25,Full length: 33.5CM,blade length:19.5CM, handle length:14CM)

3、8-inch Japanese kitchen knife(Thickness:2.0MM,Weight:233G,Full length:32CM,blade length:18.5CM, handle length:13.5CM)

4、8-inch bread knife(Thickness:1.8MM,Weight:208G,Full length:33.5CM,blade length:20.2CM,handle length:13.5CM)

5、8-inch meat cutter(Thickness:1.8MM,Weight:202G,Full length: 33.7CM,blade length: 20.5CM,handle length:13.7CM)

6、5-inch universal knife(Thickness:1.8MM,Weight:110G,Full length:24.5CM, blade length: 13CM,handle length:11.5CM)

7、3.5-inch fruit knife(Thickness:1.8MM,Weight:103G,Full length:21.3CM blade length:9.5CM, handle length:11.8CM)



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