DYQ jewelry Damascus steel ring Handmade


It is customized and made on demand. Not Supported return goods. Please understand


What is a Damascus ring?

Damascus Steel is the popular name given to a layered metals technique that was used by ancient metalsmiths for armor, weaponry, and decorative items. ... The two metals used in each of our Damascus rings are permanently forged welded together, then cut, twisted, and shaped into a ring.

Do steel rings rust?

Stainless steel jewelry is durable and rust-proof. It usually has a silvery luster, but unlike silver, it does not corrode and is not susceptible to scratches, bites or dents. ... For rings, rings made of stainless steel are a smart choice for everyday wear because they are durable and strong.

Is Damascus steel safe to wear?

Damascus steel is extremely durable and needs minimal maintenance to keep the ring lustrous. They are great for daily wear, and quite resistant to scratching and scuff marks over time.





44MM(US 3), 45MM(US 3¼), 46MM(US 3¾), 47MM(US 4), 48MM(US 4½), 49MM(US 4¾), 50MM(US 5½), 51MM(US 5¾), 52MM(US 6), 53MM(US 6¼), 54MM(US 6¾), 55MM(US 7¼), 56MM(US 7½), 57MM(US 8), 58MM(US 8¼), 59MM(US 8¾), 60MM(US 9), 61MM(US 9½), 62MM(US 10), 63MM(US 10¼), 64MM(US 10¾), 65MM(US 11), 66MM(US 11½), 67MM(US 11¾), 68MM(US 12¼), 69MM(US 12½), 70MM(US 13), 71MM(US 13¼), 72MM(US 13¾)




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