DYQ jewelry Guardian ghost knife beads knives lanyard beads

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DYQ jewelry's iconic old copper is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for retro products. With the change of time, it has a unique "taste" of metal, sometimes vivid and three-dimensional, sometimes abstract and bright, but the products always follow the same concept : The most primitive handwork brings the most meaningful products.



DYQ jewelry Guardian ghost knife beads knives lanyard beads 有 12 个评价

  1. Martin

    I’m from Martin in the United States, this product is really great, beyond my imagination, logistics is very fast

  2. 金德胜


  3. Eren Jaeger

    I am in New Jersey of the US. I received this product nearly a week ago. The express delivery speed was quite unexpected. It seemed that it only took me 12 days, because I occasionally shop from China, usually in about a month. The ghost is relatively light, and the workmanship is very good. I found it by accident. It's always on my car key. It's very cute. Give five stars

  4. 陶陶包包


  5. 琅琊


  6. SKR


  7. linda

    Very cute

  8. Kelly

    Highest quality for a great price. This is the most phenomenal bead i have ever seen. It is beyond my expectations. And better than discribed!

  9. Danny

    My favourite beads. I've got quite a few of them already and I really enjoy using them to adorn my edc-gear.

  10. Warren

    The detail on this is absolutely stunning. With some shipping issues regarding timing, Pavel maintained excellent communications and customer service

  11. Tommy

    These beads are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  12. Cecile

    Amazing! The attention to detail is top notch! Will definitely order from here again.


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