DYQ jewelry Guardian ghost brass Limit 50

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DYQ jewelry’s iconic old copper is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for retro products. With the change of time, it has a unique “taste” of metal, sometimes vivid and three-dimensional, sometimes abstract and bright, but the products always follow the same concept : The most primitive handwork brings the most meaningful products.



DYQ jewelry Guardian ghost brass Limit 50 有 6 个评价

  1. Martin

    I’m from Martin in the United States, this product is really great, beyond my imagination, logistics is very fast

  2. 金德胜


  3. Eren Jaeger

    I am in New Jersey of the US. I received this product nearly a week ago. The express delivery speed was quite unexpected. It seemed that it only took me 12 days, because I occasionally shop from China, usually in about a month. The ghost is relatively light, and the workmanship is very good. I found it by accident. It’s always on my car key. It’s very cute. Give five stars

  4. 陶陶包包


  5. 琅琊


  6. SKR



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