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Why is mokuti so expensive?

For knife handle application, most Mokume alloys are forged from less expensive metals such as copper, brass, bronze and nickel. However, the resulting product is still pricey due to laborious and difficult process of production.

What is Mokuti?

Way overly simple explanation: Mokuti is the resulting material when titanium layers are worked into a Mokume-gane billet. Mokuti starts life as layers of different titanium alloys. These are stacked and forged (in ways that are unique to each maker of the material) into a single billet.




44MM(US 3), 45MM(US 3¼), 46MM(US 3¾), 47MM(US 4), 48MM(US 4½), 49MM(US 4¾), 50MM(US 5½), 51MM(US 5¾), 52MM(US 6), 53MM(US 6¼), 54MM(US 6¾), 55MM(US 7¼), 56MM(US 7½), 57MM(US 8), 58MM(US 8¼), 59MM(US 8¾), 60MM(US 9), 61MM(US 9½), 62MM(US 10), 63MM(US 10¼), 64MM(US 10¾), 65MM(US 11), 66MM(US 11½), 67MM(US 11¾), 68MM(US 12¼), 69MM(US 12½), 70MM(US 13), 71MM(US 13¼), 72MM(US 13¾)


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