Mammoth fossil Bracelet Silver Skull for Man


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A Mammoth is any of the members of the genus Mammuthus. Mammoths looked like modern elephants except most had long hair and longer tusks than modern elephants. Mammoths lived during the late Pliocene through the Pleistocene, from approximately 5 million years ago to as recent as 4,000 years ago. Their fossils are relatively common in many Pleistocene aged deposits around the world, including the North Sea, river deposits in the SE United States, Hungary and Siberia.

The largest bead is made of fossils of mammoth molars, which have been stabilized and will not be easily damaged. It uses 10MM black frosted agate beads as its matching beads. It looks very matched. The 6 handmade silver skulls add a lot of color to the product. Since the fossils are naturally formed, we cannot guarantee that each fossil is exactly the same.



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