Nakayama Hidetoshi Key Chains Stainless Steel Polished



Knife maker, carver, all around craftsman, there seems to be nothing that Japanese artist Hidetoshi Nakayama cannot do. He is renowned for his detail skills and old world craftsmanship. Hidetoshi’s key rings are another example of him taking a utilitarian item and elevating it to a piece of art. Each of these steel parts is hand crafted, finished, and fit together with pins to form a unique piece. The clip is spring loaded and easy to clip to your gear, belt loop, etc. Large ring with individual slip rings. The mid section also has a swivel built in.

This is a radical and groundbreaking mechanical key grip by Nakayama Hidetoshi. One of the rarest pieces in the collection.Amazing and full of originality. From design to function this is an awsome piece of gear for serious collectors.100% handmade from Stainless Steel and signed in Japan by Nakayama Hidetoshi.







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