William Henry Men’s Raider Necklace P41 Pendant Necklace Small 20in


This necklace from William Henry’s Silver Warrior collection brings the warrior’s sword to life in miniature. Crafted in sterling silver with a finely detailed bronze frame, the pendant hangs on a 20″ durable paracord with bronze clasp. The Raider necklace from William Henry presents a piece of jewelry for a lifetime.

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Small sterling and bronze pendant on paracord.Our legacy is the sword, and Frazetta’s art of the sword in the Silver Warrior painting is simply breathtaking. The warrior’s sword is brought to life in miniature, wrought in sterling silver and set into a finely detailed bronze frame. Offered on durable paracord with a bronze clasp.

Necklace Length: 18-24 in / 46-61 cm

Pendant Height: 2 in / 5.08 cm
Pendant Width: 0.5 in / 1.27 cm







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